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Founder -Torrance Dawkins



Native of Washington DC. He is the son of Maurice Primrose, Jr and the late Tonia Wideman. He is the proud father of three children, Torrance, Jr., Tyler and Lenora. He is a devoted husband of 14 years to Dionne.

Torrance  love for athletics early in life. He often accompanied his grandfather and father to the baseball field and many other sporting events throughout the city. He began playing football at age --- and his life was never the same. Throughout his developmental years he participated in various sports however, football was the sport he held the most dear and excelled in. He was honored as an All Metropolitan football player in 19--- for his skills in the position of Running Back. Torrance attended H.D. Woodson High School and graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy in Pennsylvania. After  high school Torrance attended South Carolina State University on a full scholarship. However, after two years he returned to Washington D.C. Personal obligations. Upon his return he was offered a Junior Varsity football coaching position at Archbishop Carroll High School. He career as a football coach took off from there. He was a Head Football Coach at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School, An Offensive Coordinator for Calvin Coolidge High School as well as the Coordinator of High School Recruitment. He has not only excelled in the area of coaching football but he is also Coordinator for Athletic Program through DC Parks and Recreation. He founded and developed the first pop warner football team in ward---at the Lamond Recreation Center in 2013. Through his love of sports Torrance began Laced Up Sports basketball officiating company that supplies officiant training, basketball clock timers, and officiants fror sporting events through the metro area and beyond. Though Torrance no longer coaches football he has not hung up his whistle completely. He coaches girls basketball for Kids First Basketball inc. an award winning team throughout the AAU traveling basketball league. He is also the Director of Recruitment for the association. For the past three years Torrance has served as the Youth Volunteer Coordinator for the National Title IX Holiday Invitational Conferencing Classic. Torrance is a firm believer in youth development as well as community recreation athletic excellence. Torrance is dedicated to his family and his community. He owes his success to Christ and his family that stands alongside of him.

Founder- LA-RAY Harris



Mr. LaRay A. Harris, Sr. was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky, to a military family. The youngest of four children living under the roof of a veteran allowed him to live many unique and interesting experiences. Immersed in a culture of discipline and dedication, LaRay was quickly made to understand what it takes to accomplish difficult tasks and learned at very young age that earning respect is hard work, and that it takes drive to achieve just about everything; to include one’s dreams.

At the age of 5, LaRay and his family moved to Seat Pleasant, Prince Georges (P.G.) County, MD from Frankfurt Germany. There he was raised by his mother, Ms. Carolyn Conyers, in a single parent household. Raising four children on a single income was a challenging endeavor but for LaRay, observing his mother revealed to him the most valuable ingredients to success; love and sacrifice. LaRay has applied his mother’s lessons when testing situations emerge while raising four children of his own on a limited income. LaRay’s children mean the world to him and he knows he is blessed to have witnessed his mother’s tenacity and capacity to love unconditionally in a way that has enabled him to pour that same affection into his own daughters and sons as well as the community.

LaRay’s love story doesn’t end there. At a very young age, LaRay was surprised by a deep love for the game of basketball. As he dedicated himself to learning the game, his curiosity and drive pushed him to explore his personal boundaries in terms of basketball. Soon, LaRay learned that those limitations weren’t as narrow and rigid when after some years of practice he had worked his way on an AAU team with the help of some strong community center coaches that dedicated their time to teach young LaRay what the game of basketball was all about. It was then that he realized that basketball could be used as a way to dream his life outside of P.G. County bounds. 

While attending Greenbelt Middle School, LaRay was instrumental in helping the basketball team reach its first ever and historic middle school championship title. Winning the championship title motivated LaRay to shift his goals and achieve the same success at a high school level. Making the varsity team and earning ample playing time did not satisfy LaRay’s hunger for basketball greatness; he wanted to play at the college level. In taking the necessary steps to go after his dream, LaRay faced upset and disappointment when he learned that in order to distinguish himself from the many aspiring college athletes, he needed to produce footage of games, trainings and highlights to show chronological and consistent progress and improvement. LaRay wouldn’t let that stop him and decided to walk on U.M.E.S. (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) team, only to find out that walking on a team is a crap shoot and coaches will most likely not take a chance on you. Instead coaches use you as a body for and during practice. At practice, LaRay by far outshined the team members who had earned athletic scholarships but no playing time was offered to him because of his inability to visually prove his track record and the subsequent path he traveled attempting the integrate the team. For the first time, LaRay was confronted with the harsh reality that talent alone wasn’t enough. In order to accomplish his dreams, he had to prepare and cover all possible angles to include the political side of things that at the time he did not understand. 

Mr. LaRay Harris always knew that he could not let his own story be that of others and dedicated himself to do everything in his power to raise awareness and pay it forward. Through E K Empire & DMVHA, LaRay pledges to offer help and support to young kids the way people helped him. His awareness of the pitfalls to success has sent his own children on the correct path to basketball greatness and LaRay is committed to help any child avoid the mistakes he made and achieve success. E K Empire & DMVHA provides rigorous, no nonsense basketball training and offers kids assistance in putting together a well-rounded sports portfolio that will aid them in being offered a limitless choice of schools. If they are ready to put in the hard work E K Empire & DMVHA is ready to help them reach their goal!

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