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It is with great pleasure that we introduce you  to the new DMV Hoops Academy. DMV Hoops Academy is about more than just Hoops. It is our desire to develop student athletes that rank among the most elite athletes locally as well as internationally.

DMV Hoops Academy is a year- round basketball development and competitive program. Along with basketball skill development  DMV Hoops Academy will also have an educational, mental health and career development component that not only instructs in the development of basketball skills but also stresses the importance of each player being a productive student athlete. This is imperative for athletes as they matriculate towards the collegiate level and beyond.

About Us

Our Mission


DMV Hoops Academy is committed to providing opportunities to fully develop athletes so that they can reach their fullest potential.  We recognize that athletes are built through practice, training and competition.  We promote sportsmanship, personal integrity and loyalty. We stand firm in the benefits of hard work, perseverance and pride in our accomplishments as a team and as individuals.

Our Vision


DMV Hoops Academy is to provide the best possible basketball instruction and training in the DC Metro area and beyond.  We strive to give each player the opportunity to reach their greatest individual potential and as a member of a team.

DMV Hoops Academy is committed to being an organization that offers players and their families the complete confidence that our goal is to enrich each player’s basketball playing experience. We want to partner with other organizations and individuals that are leaders in girls basketball all  while developing players’ skills and moral character.

Off Season

Our players aren't just members of a team, they are members of our community. In the off-season, we work with local charities to bring sports and hope to underserved children in our Neighborhoods. At each game, you get a chance to contribute to these efforts. We believe that sportsmanship doesn't stop at the edge of the Court.

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We love our fans and community!

Drop us a line to cheer us on! Got an idea for an event? Well, send that to us too. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at our next game!

DMV Hoops Academy

Langley Park, Maryland, United States

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